Astral Healing – An Introduction

There may be many reasons why we are not as healthy as we could be, why some people are born with health problems or why others develop problems later on in life. By health problems I mean physical as well as mental. If there is one thing I’ve understood through out-of-body experiences it’s that our human brains, in their present state, are not always capable of understanding all the ‘whys’ of a particular situation. When you have an OBE your consciousness expands and we are able to see things on a more global level. We do actually already know the hows and whys at a higher level so maybe our job here in the physical is to simply learn to have faith that we do know what to do if we just let the Source/the All/God flow through our lives.

Astral healing has many aspects and many different angles. Maybe the first vision we have is that of our energy body being blasted with light realigning all our chakras. Personally I haven’t experienced this type of healing, my own journey has been very different. Healing may occur during our physical lives and of course after death, as life is continual so is healing.

Life in the physical is hard for us as spiritual beings because the feeling of separation from the spiritual is so strong. We are never truly separated but the system works so well that we feel separate, most of us don’t see the energy that surrounds us, we don’t see the energetic connections we have with each other and here in the physical for many people seeing is believing while feelings, sensations and intuition often take second place or aren’t even acknowledged.

This sense of separation is so great that when we do die we may not even realise that we are dead as our consciousness is as intact as it was in physical life. When we die we may also still be so wrapped up in our earthly dramas that we may not be able to let go straight away, we may be traumatized by our life on Earth and need spiritual care and attention, a time out with loving beings to rediscover who we truly are. There have been many reports of astral healing places, I have also found myself in places that appear in my OBEs as a kind of hospital.

An important thing to remember, as I mentioned earlier, is that healing is a continual process and goes on throughout our lives at different levels. I think the major obstacle our healing meets is our own mind, we just don’t realise how much our mind can influence our health. Now I’m not making a sweeping generalisation about mind over matter, there are many reasons for our health problems, we all have our own story and we must all learn to discover that story and work with whatever comes along to improve our quality of life. I say ‘whatever comes along’ as spiritual beings can also be helping us to heal while we are incarnated on Earth. Information to help us may appear in dreams, through people we meet, an article on internet, a program on tv, a conversation we overhear etc. Our higher self and spiritual beings are constantly whispering to us in many ways if we only stop to listen and reflect.

Something else to consider is that we may be influenced by problems we have had in other lives. We may have to heal that life; issues we had in that life that bleed through into this one. We can do this through dreams, OBEs and through living our lives as the person we are now following our intuitions. We often call these other lives ‘past lives’ but really all is present and we can reach any part of our being to heal the parts that need attention.

If you are reading this article maybe you too have reached the point that I did around the year 2000. For me there was no more brushing stuff under the carpet, it was time to free the ghosts of what we call the past. It was not and is not always an easy journey but it is one well worth undertaking, a journey that will make you stronger, healthier and wiser and your other lives (the other yous) will thank you for your efforts.

As the Hopi Elders said: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

About the Author
Alison Wylie is a writer, podcaster, astral projector, teacher and total fitness advocate. She is English but lives in Italy with husband, 2 kids, Lucy the dog and several goldfish. You can catch up with her at: and .
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